After numerous calls and months later it’s still sitting outside of the body shop not repaired

On Sept 20th 2020, I dropped my camper off due to slide motor gearbox problem and a leak in my roof in the rear of the camper. I was told by the service representative that my camper would be repaired and handled through Camping World body shop.

After numerous calls and months later it’s still sitting outside of the body shop not repaired. Insurance claim filed and no calls from them stating insurance claim was denied and my camper left out in the rain no tarp or anything covering the roof since it was dropped off in Sept.

Today November 30th 2020, I drove up to see what is going on and was told nothing been ordered for slide repair and no claimed filed against my extended warranty.

I went inside my camper to find mildew on my inside slides and ask why nothing was done. Only answer waiting on body shop to order parts and fix it. Mind you since it was dropped off we have had 1 hurricane and 2 tropical storms but nobody seems to care to protect your camper from future damage.

I asked the question who was covering the water damage now after they let it sit for 3 1/2 months. Camping world answer you got insurance. Again the insurance denied the claim. Now I sit with a water soaked camper with more damage and extended warranty work that not done!


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