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Another Victim of Camping World

Another Victim of Camping World

My story is crazy, from a nut case salesman to my husband trusting them. I'm burnt out, helpless. 5 days, refuse to give us our battery, a bad roof, 150,000 for a Cougar. I was so upset about all lies, and cried, my husband was so excited and trusted the final number given. I begged my husband not to trust Camping World. I had my loan and a new Reflection we were approved.

I can't believe I trusted them, no wonder being the co-signer of the most 80??? for 2022. I'll be dead before this mortgage is paid. A roof will cost us 7 grand, I'm stupid for not standing up to my husband, bought the same layout from a mom & pop shop.

Camping World Marcus with a damaged 5th wheel, and bad roof of 1500,000 just still in shock. My husband knows it's destroying us if he just listened. For this price, I could fully buy two 5th wheel grand design. Can't afford anything now, never pictured my life like this, and Camping World is completely untouchable. Keystone is just as bad, no care for their product, 4 days and they blame each other, no help. A sick company, we have seen the same model we had walked threw, I looked back, and it took a big back hit on the side and back.

The sick part is on the Boiling Green KY website listed new and 61,000 clearance, with all the broken parts in our RV, with the bad roof, bathroom, front door, glue everywhere, who knows. Thanks for letting me vent, just awful to own junk that overcharged us as if they knew to upset us first. Lost on what to do, have no clue if anything else is broken. I just want to winterize it, and put it in the storage building we have to use so there is no damage. The workers are trained to lie, how cheat, and make empty promises. My roof is so bad, they knew this.

No way out.. to be a happy time, not depressed, feel only if!

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Name: Rhonda Raye

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