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Anyone know of a Good Attorney?

I was involved in an accident towing one of Camping Worlds customers campers to a Body Shop for repair. It was just after Christmas of 2021, here in Minnesota. We had a small drizzle during the night and it was very windy on the 27th. And I was told to tow this 40 ft Fifth Wheel 30 miles for repair.

Was concerned about the road conditions but I'm not one to argue with someone who might not know any better. Made it two miles! The wind caused this Big Tube I was pulling to jack Knife and total the pick-up and damages the camper. Was told to go back to work, because it appeared I was not injured.

Two weeks after the accident I informed them, that I must have injured my shoulder and was planning on going to the doctor. Have been unable to get insurance Help or any work comp to cover my injuries. "Oh" they have since found it appropriate to fire me for not being able to do the job I was Hired to do.(Porter) For which they never offered or provided any training.

Anyone know of a Good Attorney? I think it's Time to sweep this no Good S.O.B. under one of his campers! Think they call it a (PFL) prepare for lot, then smash it into thier lots of JUNK. E-mail soon I need some Guidence

Name: Mark H.

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Patty Outlaw
Patty Outlaw
Feb 14, 2022

Need an attorney

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