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As I tell this I feel I am being victimized over and over again

As I tell this I feel I am being victimized over and over again. June2023 I became aware after 3.5 years of trying to find my domestic vilonce abuse spouce he was located and serviced with divorce papers. Because our of Ms the judge found no threat for safety til he showed up in the local Sheriff's office from California. Attorney General state government Domestic vilonce advocate and 5 Sherriff Deptuty of 5 county's were 5 camping world lots are with in 300 miles of myself covering 3 states wrote called emailed talked to corp emailed talked to 5 gm yet no one could tell us were my app for a donated trailer was at. And only corp could do it. 2 of my old base Commanders of 2 of the biggest military bases in the US are were MWR ( were mil and family's use different company's for family time) and guess what all major USMilatary bases MWR use Camping World for us to rent a RV for family trips. But yet no one could get answer 10 emails to Good Samaritan project have been written. Why ? RV park pay utilities , no lease , and easy for Sheriff's Dept, City PD, and state law enforcement to uphold protection orders. Yes I am a Domestic vilonce victim, 16 year Military Vet, and currently in my 5 year cancer battle of stage 4 breast cancer along with other health conditions. My 30 unit rental property were I worked and lived is being condomed from owner providing inhabated living conditions. Elderly renters dying, myself in hospital for same reason 5 times in 2 months. Health medical team,DV team,law enforcement felt RV park and travel trailer easy for me to keep germ free recovery space for medical equipment CEMO Immunoglobulin replacement therapy, and that I have ENOCHLOIPHOBIA, agoraphobia, battered wife syndrome, PTSD and CPTSD,2 forms of OCD from 12 years of hell and 9 DEPLOYMENTS. No criminal background,no drugs use, no Minor children( grown w grandbaby's across country) in Ms domestic vilonce not a big support state so resources are limited. One we do have that would take my service dog claims I am a liability risk because compromise immune system, CEMO, and medication. On top of CPTSD and Military TRAINING.

Because I haven't been hospitalized 3+ times for mental health I am not a indanger to my self or others so no emergency housing there. Secon 8 in Ms not open for new enrollment and waiting list is 1 to years waiting list. Then we add disability. It's taken 5 years and now finally approved. Yet still camping world with there over 200 locations and thousands of TRAILERS can help 1 person. Now I am a very private person so sharing my situation has taken 5 hours because axitys attacks. I know however I am not the only one. I am not only one living in a rural part or poor state or county that law enforcement get layed off or payed nothing, unemployment rate high, support for the elderly, disability or victims of crimes that change our whole lives. But it's home. I currently have 2 Camping World lots about 46 miles both ways. 1 lot that 103 miles away in my State. Then I have 1 less then 200 miles away and 1 that less then 300 miles. So yes to Camping World CEO you don't care about community or people in it. Your policys suck. To Jackson, HATTISBURG, Biloxi,Alabama,and Louisiana. All less then 300 miles from Magee /Mount Olive Ms. In 4 days the person who started back in June. Begging pleading, and now exposing every vonurable thing about my life at 46 . Never known the homeless life that in 4 days my service dog myself will be homeless in 90 + degree weather. 4 cats I have had for 6 years I will have to owner surrender w possible kill shelter lives will be ended in less then 2 weeks. I will be back in hospital in less then a week with something that most people can fight can kill me. Because you lie,cheat and throw your community down. Oh and when having no credit because of security concerns when I was in and control of abused SPOUCE. The sales manager told me that without a co signer( DV victim) and that on income could prove for 12 months was my spouces. Did I want to get him to co owner my trailer . And that's when 2 state troopers and 2 off duty law enforcement friends took me. Why soft credit check. Location of were I am time and address and with no protection order because will have no temp 911 address. He could walk right in. Or find out if I got approved were trailer delivered . And within a hour what happens my spouce walked right in.

So to protect and male/female victim of domestic vilonce ,single parents DESPRATE with no home they risk losing kids, family of national disasters and lose everything, people who income drops that deposits, and leases, and all utility can't do. Military suffering from PTSD CPTSD social axitys that a RV in middle no were could stop being a statistic of being anti social , and camping world who promotes stopping homelessness, approving military , retirement age buy RV and travel. However they don't honor contracts, no soul , they say " our company policy" so that is the CEO . I am keeping my world. I told u I would contact media, military , social media, and so are my 209 friends posting my story starting today . I promise no one will feel hopeless, vountable,scared, week, defended ECT. As you go home to you big home making your $100000.00+ across the county . So anyone who wants to share your story I will post everywhere mine is. Email me I will let's shut them down . Make this company feel like we do.

Name: Angelinia Hambrick-Prince

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