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Basically told me to go to hell

I was told 9.75% interest it turned out to be 19 1/2% interest I was told $20,000 for the Rv turned out to be $30,000. they promised to fix items that They had no intention of fixing the worst part is the vehicle was damaged while on their property because They left the keys in the front seat and they refused to fix the damage and basically told me to go to hell.

They broke the law by issuing several sets of tags/license plates for the same vehicle and charged me $225 each set for tags/license plates that I didn’t need to the same vehicle. While there one of their mechanics took a hammer to the brand new refrigerator door. I could go on and on the bottom line is these people have committed multiple felonies one is trying to get me to defraud my insurance company by lying to them and not telling them that Camping-world left the keys in it.

I Have just found out they have called me multiple times each time recording my conversations which in Florida is a felony so they’ve committed multiple Felonies. In Florida you must have prior permission to have any conversations recorded.

Name: Doc Brady

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