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Camping World- All About the Benjamins! - NOT Customer Service!

Camping World- All About the Benjamins! - NOT Customer Service!! I received a notice from Camping World informing me that my 2019, $50,000, Class C RV was 100% ready for pick-up. Upon my arrival, and inspection of said RV, I couldn’t help but notice that “NOTHING” had been repaired or replaced (After 1.5 years).

Camping World didn’t hesitate, as they handed me an insurance bill for $16,000 and a $14,000 bill for faulty items they’d replaced under my RV warranty, Total = $30,000!!!!!! National general insurances response “We paid Camping World months ago - why you just now complaining?”

No! They never sent an adjuster to verify $16,000 in repairs. Now! They are suggested I return it to Camping World. Not! They would probably hold it till it’s paid-in-Full!!! And Do Nothing, Again!

Name: Norma Jackson Blinks

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