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Camping World doesn't care. They took our money and that's all they ever really cared about.

We purchased what we thought was our dream RV in December 2017. It was a brand new 2018 Forest River Forester bought from Camping World in Akron, Ohio. They had it all winter of 2017/2018 and were supposed to fix all of the items found during the walk-thru that had been marked with tape. We were to let them know a few days ahead of time when we were picking it up so they could have it out front, cleaned up, and with a half a tank of gas ready to go.

We get there at the scheduled time and it was not out front and ready. They had to go find it. They bring it out front and it is filthy dirty, has barely any gas in it and to top it all off, they had picked all of the tape off everything and had fixed NOTHING! They'd had it all winter! This was just the start of our never-ending nightmare.

It went back to them 6 more times for warranty work for large amounts of time. Had a mobile tech come twice to our campsite, and went back to the factory twice. The only miles on it the first 22 months of ownership were delivery from the factory, taking it back and forth to Camping World, and 2 roundtrips to the factory in Elkhart, Indiana

-While it was at CW it was damaged twice. Once they actually covered it up so you couldn't see it.

-We were told numerous times "We couldn't duplicate the problem" and "That's normal".

-The sixth time it was there the operations manager very nastily said to us "IF MY SHOP DOESN'T MAKE MONEY, I'M OUT OF A JOB." We had owned the RV about 15 months at this time

- We paid $1395 for a PDI that we believe they never completed.

- We had asked the the general manager for a different RV or our money back and he told us we get the one we paid for. He also commented that these RV's are made by humans. What the heck is that supposed to mean? That we should accept all of these defects because they're human made?

Our intentions were to sell our house and travel around the country in search of a better climate for my husband's health. But Camping World took that dream and turned it into a 22 month soul destroying nightmare full of stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and heartache. If they couldn't fix the problems, our RV should have went back to the factory right away not 17 months after purchase.

We had taken out a home equity loan and were going to pay it off when we sold our house, but we didn't get to sell our house. We got to keep making payments. We lost a third of what what we paid for a seasonal campsite the first summer and half of what we paid the next summer due to our RV being in the shop for warranty work. In preparation of selling our house we had sold, donated, and given away a large portion of our belongings. We paid to have our house, patio, and driveway pressure washed. Paid to have our landscaping done. But you know what? Camping World doesn't care. They took our money and that's all they ever really cared about.

Our story is way too long to tell here. We have work orders that are an inch thick. Dozens of emails, multiple notebooks and hundreds of pictures that document an experience that we can't even wrap our heads around.

Oh, and I would like to add, I will NEVER forgive Forest River for making an RV that made me deal with Camping World

Name: Beth B

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