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I depleted all sources of financial accounts set aside for Retirement in excess of $100k+ for the purchase of a dream RV, which quickly turned into a nightmare. This issue only became apparent after the purchase and arriving home in L.A. one week after taking possession (delivery) of the unit. At the time of the first incident, LAFD was dispatched due to the noise factor from the Generator and called in by a local resident. Upon their arrival, they requested paramedic transport after administering field toxicity tests, including a level reading of Carbon Monoxide emissions which were located in the front of the cab. The tests were conclusively considered to be "lethal" and "off the charts." They could not determine where or why such a reading would exist inside the Coach, however explained they are first responders, not mechanics and advised I had best contact the party who had sold it to me.

Two days thereafter, once again, LAFD was called to my unit for a welfare check, as I barely made it out of the door prior to my knees and legs giving way, and falling to the ground. As I scratched with my nails to pull my body to safety, I was found unconscious, laying on the sidewalk next to the RV. Naturally, transport was dispatched, yet again, levels of emissions/exhaust were read, again, same area, same circumstance, same result.

The second hospitalization, the Dr.(s) informed me how very close to death I had come and out of ordinary course, if it didn't kill me while asleep, rest assured the third time, whether wide awake or in slumber, would be the last breath I would ever take.

Approximately two weeks thereafter I received two separate citations, both for $750 each, however, the second citation included a Polaroid photograph reflecting a Federal Mandate dated June 2014 that the detector MUST be replaced. I purchased the RV Deathtrap in late August, 2016.

After 6 to 7 months of attempting to resolve this issue with Camping World (amongst many others) who vehemently denied there was anything faulty with the Generator, I was eventually placed on ignore, blocked from all Social Media Platforms to voice my experience and when I did receive any communication it was always demanded by way of a telephone call rather than a response in writing.

Throughout my Top Security Cleared career with the DoD/D.I.A., I learned early on when a company states by way of recorded message or after a call is answered, you will ALWAYS hear the identical announcement that the call may be monitored for the purposes of quality control (right, what quality and what control?) This is done for the sole purpose of not leaving a paper trail construed as an admission of guilt on the recording parties' end. The recordation, if it exists, is then deleted from all servers, resulting in no evidence of any call or complaint ever received, logged nor located.

The RV was salvaged within less than one year of ownership, leaving me with no place to live, and no funds by which to live on. I had no other alternative than to reside in my Insta-tent, where I remain to date. Camping World refused to accept any responsibility for almost killing me, yet has accepted my having to reside in a tent after happily taking every last cent I'd ever had for its' purchase. Shortly after resolving myself to this most unwelcome and unasked for set of circumstances, I was diagnosed with late stage BIA ALCL (Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) requiring Surgery and follow-up Treatment. As of today, I have had the surgery (absent Oncologists' knowledge of my living conditions) and have commenced treatment (also absent Oncologists' knowledge of my living conditions.) I find I am in a race to see which scenario I will succumb to:

a) complications from treatment due to a -zero immune system; or

b) exposure to the harsh elements and present uninhabitable living conditions, as the weather has turned quite hot overnight; or

c) infection of COVID-19 exposure running rampant in this County, resulting in probable death due to a severely compromised immune system.

There were, of course, many additional issues of concern, such as an Ensen at PT. Mugu NAS falling off of the soldered ladder which apparently had broken and band-aid repaired prior to the sale. He hit his head and was transported to the hospital where he remained under observation for close to one week.

Additionally, Camping World held the Title to the RV hostage until the time of salvage. During this time, I chose to contact the Texas DMV and spoke to a Supervisor regarding their failure to send the executed Title, preventing me from legally registering it in my home state, including, without limitation, the ability to place the unit into storage, as required for proof of ownership. Nevertheless, CW did send a form from the DMV requesting I complete, execute and return to CW, for a duplicate Title, as it was lost in the mail. (My dog ate my homework) The Supervisor then asked me a series of questions such as had I ever seen the Title within their file? I did not. Had they ever shown me the Title? They did not. I was then informed by the DMV that they never maintained possession of said Title to begin with, being the reason they required I request a duplicate. This form was to be executed under Penalty of Perjury and therefore I was not about to commit fraud. I received a call from the Supervisor a couple of days later to advise of a certain Code Section directly relating to Dealership advertising and/or selling any vehicle absent possession of the original Title. The following is Code §43 TEX. ADMIN CODE §245] This Rule can be located in pertinent part under the Texas Administrative Code TITLE 43, PART 10, CHAPTER 215, SUBCHAPTER H, RULE §215.245(d)(2).

Upon closer review of the form CW provided, I noted an unfamiliar unknown address filled into the area of where to forward the new title. I then contacted the U.S. Postal Inspector in order to obtain the name of the entity to whom the address belonged to. It turned out to be a UPS Postal Box registered to the Salesman at CW, Ron Ellisor in Houston, Texas. With this knowledge and confirmation in writing forwarded to me, I again contacted CW's RM Eric Olsen advising him of this illegal activity. He responded to my eMail with "please call me at the office to discuss." At this point I replied stating "no more telephone calls, PERIOD." Any further Communication will only be acknowledged by myself in writing.

Inasmuch as I do realize that it would appear I have exceeded the Statute of Limitations, I actually have not. I had previously requested all service and maintenance records to be sent to me regarding the RV. Each request always stated they would comply and send out the same day, yet I never received anything. Approximately 4 months thereafter I did receive an envelope from CW which did contain certain records, of which were only from the date of my purchase through the date I received that envelope. I had requested ALL documentation and service records.

This last past year, I was served twice with a Federal Notice of Deposition for Personal Appearance and Demand for Production of Documents on a matter I was not involved in as a Plaintiff or otherwise. The subject matter of this lawsuit pertained to a specific model of a refrigerator I happened to have installed within my RV at the time of purchase. Throughout the course of 2 full days of testimony, upon conclusion both counsel provided me with copies of all documentation pertaining to my RV which were received via a Demand for Production and served upon CW. Upon review of volumes of paperwork, I located a service order dated two days prior to my flight from L.A. to Houston to pick up the unit. Said service order pertained directly to a faulty generator which was emitting Carbon Monoxide from the exhaust and terminating into the front of the cabin. The record further requested a response from the GM as to what should be done with this issue. The GM wrote leave "AS-IS" and prepare for delivery. This record clearly reflects their knowledge of a pre-existing problem which the GM insisted from the beginning there was nothing wrong with the Generator and it was all in my head. It has been less than one year since this document was discovered.

*Please note, I maintain ALL documented and photographic evidence supporting all claims set forth herein.

Name: Sandra Greene

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