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Camping World in Davenport... what a deceiving and dark “business”

Camping World in Davenport... what a deceiving and dark “business”.

January of 2021, I came across a used camper sold by Camping World. I submitted an offer and it was accepted. Along with an immediate call from the “salesman” came a video about the camper.

I was alerted of a small amount of water damage rated a 2/10 in severity but the whole camper had been re-sealed to ease my fears. Upon scheduling my appointment to view in person I asked if it could be brought inside to get a good look at it and I was denied my request.

On my scheduled day, it was +/- 5*F. Long story short, I purchased the camper. As it warmed up in March, I was able to start to dig into the “small” water damaged area and the problem grew in severity quickly. Check pictures for proof. The entire front half of the camper had severe water damage causing structural issues to both layers of subfloor.

I stopped what i was doing, and opened up a case with Camping Worlds “VIP Customer Support Team”.

April 2021, Camping World finally decides to take my camper in for further damage estimation. A week later, the damage is estimated at $14,000. A $6500 camper with $14,000 in damage. A totaled vehicle from a sensible standing.

It is now almost May. I am receiving no help from the local Camping World in Davenport or even a call back from the GM Doug Bahls. 7 voicemails left with him so far. Getting impatient I decide to visit Doug. Upon arrival I was told he was very busy and wouldn’t be able to meet with me. I decided to wait. 10 minutes into waiting and I assume the realization I wasn’t giving up, Doug meets with me. He tell me the 2/10 scale I was given was “1 being the worst” and 10 being perfect. Completely backwards from anything a trusting business would use.

Now, Doug has come up with the idea to let me trade my camper in for an undetermined amount for a newer more expensive model to retain my business. But, the point of my endeavor was to try out camping with a cheaper but quality used model. Still not at the end of my time at Camping World, but these business practices I would expect from a corner lot with greasy salesmen but realistically, Camping World is the corner lot with equally greasy salesman.

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