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Camping World is a major ripoff

I posted my story awhile back, in doing so there wasn’t enough room to list all the problems with my trailer bottom line Camping World is a major ripoff, you would think there would be an attorney somewhere that would be willing to help with the SCAM they are pulling, I’ve not found one yet, it’s a total shame.

Name: Billie Nooner

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Loni Byrd Kettler
Loni Byrd Kettler
Nov 25, 2022

if you can find help, please let us know!! We could use some help. Instead of not finishing our obligations of paying for something we don’t use, we have it in a storage collecting dust.

Dec 22, 2022
Replying to

Sadly I paid mine in full. But either way so far I have yet to find anyone who cares. I hope to be more involved here as I can because I won't let this go either.

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