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Camping World is the new name for Piracy

Camping World is the new name for Piracy. They destroy retirees, and entire families with their fraudulent, malicious, deceitful, practices. All of the above practices Were applied to myself and my family, with camping world sold me a 2019 Thor freedom Elite with 8/major issues. Broken freezer door, broken kitchen sink, crumpled kitchen floor, busted Storage bin with 7 inch crack (corner to corner) in the coach storage area, And a serious leak in the overhead skylight. Hi filed a written complaint with the BBB in 2018, against camping world, so they kept my RV for 1.7 years of loan payments, lies and frustration! In that 1.7 years, camping world literally, did not even change a flat tire! Only in camping Worlds world, is this Acceptable business practices! Not one single Attorney would help me against Camping World “lady you don’t have enough money to go against Camping World”

Name: Norma Jackson Blinks

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