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Camping World needs good management from the very Top down

My story may not be as bad as some but it still ticks me off. I called camping World in Henderson and they were supposed to get back with me, they got back once and said once they found a part they would get back with me again but they never called back so I went to camping World Las Vegas.

It took nearly 3 weeks to get an appointment to come in. I picked up my camper from storage to take it in when I got there Kevin said it's going to be another 3 weeks or so before anyone can even look at it. I thought that was the whole point of making an appointment.

Kevin says I'll give you a name of a guy that will come to your house so I called him he came the next day fixed my camper in a couple hours probably for less than half the price and it was a done deal. Even though they screwed up it actually became a blessing for me.

Camping World needs good management from the very Top down. Things are tough enough for everyone right now and we shouldn't have to deal with a business that doesn't care about You.

Name: Joe Hughes

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