Camping World refuses to make this right

RV Awning:

Insurance claim/repair. Original Awning was ripped from motorhome. Instructed to take to Camping World in Strafford, Missouri.


1) No initial on site inspection, requst for measurement verification, or specific brand/model or Accessories asked of the customer.

2) Waited over 3 months for a Dometic Power Awning to be delivered. Brand stated by CW Service Manager (this was customer paid upgrade)

3) CW held unit over 2 weeks for install and completed installation of a 16' Carefree Power Awning(not Dometic) Original Awning was 17' Dometic Manual.

4) Awning fabric track was never repaired or replaced as it was spread open from previously ripped off.

5)Awning fabric track is leaking, Original bolt mounting was not sealed or addressed.

6) Awning track on walls installed crooked. 1/2" rise fall. And left Awning track cap is broken off and missing.

7) Awning track bolts not sealed when screwed in side of RV

8) Carefree awnings come with pre-wired track for LED and Accessories. CW installer simply cut and hid wires where they can not be used. At no point did CW contact about any Accessories as the RV owner would have wanted any possible options installed. EG wind sensor, LED lighting, ect.

Camping World refuses to make this right.

Name: Elizabeth Kasper

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