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Camping world would not take any responsibility

We bought a 2019 Alpine from Camping World Golden in April of 2022. We put down 20k down and financed over 70,000. This included a warranty package. We took it home had it less than 24 hours when found out that toilet was leaking. We called them and they to bring it back and they would fix it. As we were ready to take it back the slide would not go in. When we finally got the slide snd took it back, they said the hydraulic pump was out. They said they would fix it. Being that it was only less than 24 hours since we had purchased it, we assumed they were going to fix it on camping world money. They had the trailer for over two months and finally said it was fixed. The toilet was still leaking and the latch on the door we had asked to be fixed wasn’t not working and would not stay shut. We had to fix this ourselves.

We finally got it back in July. We left for a very short trip and came home. I had previously had to cancel two other camping trips because it was still in the shop. In August we headed for Oregon for a visit with a family member and then to California for a visit with a friend on the way to California, we realized that our jacks were hanging very low and it looked as if they weren’t even raised. Many people told us they thought our jacks were not up.

It’s a very long story, but on our trip home, we had leaf springs break and caused our tires to smoke. Because the jacks were hanging down so low we could not get into a repair facility to have it fixed so we had to fix it on the side of the road ourselves. When we got to Utah, we had to buy new tires as they were falling apart. When we reached home we limped to our camping spot only to find out that the whole trailer was separating from the frame. We had this investigated by another RV facility and they said it was unsafe and unfixable unless we wanted to pay $42,000 Camping world would not take any responsibility so we had to call our insurance company and claim it as a loss. We failed to re-game the $20,000 we had put down we were able to get the amount we needed to pay the loan off. We asked to cancel our warranties and were told that we could only cancel the main warranty and the travel through good Sam as the other policies must be canceled within 30 days . I thought this was a package deal and they were separate warranties. When I asked why no one told us that they had to be canceled in 30 days the answer was well. We don’t tell anybody because no one cancels. When we did receive our check for the warranty being canceled which by the way took over two months , it was only half of what it should have been. When I called to ask why I was told that we use the warranty for the hydraulic pump and so they subtracted that from our check. I told him that I had been told that the hydraulic jack would be covered under camping world , and he laughed and said we would never do that. I would never ever buy anything from camping world again.

Name: Brenda Crawford

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