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Complete disregard for consumer satisfaction

I purchased a new 2022 motorhome from Camping World in April 2023. We mutually agreed to do all the paperwork electronically because I live in California and the coach was located in South Carolina.

Upon reviewing the contracts, I noticed there were extra charges for GAP insurance and an extended warranty program that I did not ask for nor did I want. I immediately called the finance manager and informed her of these additional fees, and she insisted that I needed to sign the contracts and return them within the next 48 hours, or the approved loan will have met its deadline and would no longer be available to me. She further insisted that the GAP insurance and warranty could be reversed upon request and all monies would be refunded towards the lending financial institution.

I signed all contracts and took delivery about a week later. At this time, I informed the finance officer I wanted the insurance and warranty fees refunded and she agreed to cancel those items for me. About one month later I again contacted the finance manager via email to have the services cancelled and was told she knew nothing about my request. She in fact called me a liar in her email response to me. So, I contacted her store manager who said he would investigate and help with my request.

In August I contacted the corporate office as Marcus suggests he has an open-door policy, and any customer may contact him directly. Of course, this is not true, and I was met with a phone operator trained to receive complaints from customers such as myself. The operator informed me that someone would be returning my call to assist with my situation. I later received a call from someone that identified himself as the General Manager. I submitted all of my emails and dissatisfaction to him and requested a confirmation of receipt from him. He did provide the confirmation and that is as far as his assistance went.

It has been 2 months since our last communication and still I have not received and refunds to my lending institution nor has the undesired services been cancelled. These services are costing me $11,350.00 against my will and can only be cancelled by Camping World. Not only am I paying for services I never requested however, I am also paying interest towards the loan for these services. Camping World has only proven again and again that they are out to get money any way possible and complete disregard for consumer satisfaction.

Name: Robert Williams

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Christopher Brantley
Christopher Brantley
27 de out. de 2023

Sounds like you got what you signed on the dotted line for. There’s not a judge in the world that would look at your contract and say anything other than “well, did you not read what you were signing?”

Financing not being available to you? really? You bought that?

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