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Consumer advocate for people that buy RVs

My story is I used to have an RV repair business back in the day I also worked in an RV dealership repairing motorhomes. Some of the RVs that I worked on we sold to the customer and some of the RVs I worked on they brought them to us to repair. Most RV dealerships refuse to do complete inspections before they put their coaches on the lot for sale because they do not want to pay their technicians to do that task it eats into their profit

Can anybody on this form imagine the powerful explosion power of propane if it’s ignited by a spark ? Ask yourself why is it they do not do propane safety checks on the RVs they plan to sell. ???

If you look up Senator Mike Maroney back in 1958 he passed a law regarding window stickers on new cars. These window stickers were to provide consumers with the cost of the car the actual retail price MSRP also all of the options the car comes with from the factory. He brought this law to life back in 1958 to help prevent consumers from getting taken advantage of by dirty car sales people. The Senator Mike Monroney law does not apply to RVs.

So when you go to an RV show and sell you better pay attention to what you’re doing because they might say a huge discount sale but before they brought the RVs to the sale they jacked the price is 10 to 20%. You’re not getting a deal at the RV show and sell because it’s a scam. And remember when an RV dealer has a show and sell edit remote location they only bring the sales people that have the ability to rip your head off and poop in your neck financially the ones that can take it vantage of anybody that steps on the lot and the customer will not do it until it’s too late. Never pay sticker on an RV because they depreciate faster than cars do.

When you’re looking at a new RV for a used RV and they do not have safety inspection test results in documentation form where you can look at them do not buy the RV because they’ve never check anything out including the explosive propane system. If you have any questions and you want to touch base with me feel free to do so right now I’m working with an attorney that has a major lawsuit about an engine manufacturer for marine application the system is faulty and it’s junk. I’ve gone up against the largest RV dealer or should I say one of the largest RV dealers in the west half of this country and it was fun their legal eagle hotdog team had no clue what I was going to do them exposing their clients scams and they could not shut me down because the judge wanted to hear every word I had to say.

I even went up against a Porsche dealer in California the Porsche dealership prevented the customer from getting the safety recall notice regarding the bolts that hold the seat in the convertible Porsche. Needless to say his girlfriend got killed because she got thrown out of the car and somebody else ran over her but I proved that the Porsche dealership was liable for her death because they prevented the porch buyer from getting the safety recall notice regarding the bolts that hold the seats in the car

The Porsche dealerships attorney had no clue what to do with me because he couldn’t shut me up and that judge wanted to hear everything I had to say and he definitely one of the jury members to hear what I had to say and I crashed the Porsche dealership attorney.

Think of me as a consumer advocate for people that buy RVs or buy cars. If you do have some kind of a lawsuit regarding a boat dealer for an RV dealer feel free to have him touch base with me I can be the fire but they cannot pull it out as far as the opposing counsel. 90% of my work is absolutely free as a consumer advocate

Sincerely Stick Bogart

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