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Corporate is a complete joke and waste of time!

We purchased our Coleman 2125BH from Camping World in Columbia SC in July 2020. It was pouring down rain so we were told the outdoor kitchen lock and pull out would be looked at because it would be looked over / fixed prior to delivery, the missing parts would be installed when delivered later in the week.

The day came for the delivery. We were told the camper would arrive around noon, then 2, then 4, and then there was no one to contact because they were closed. The camper finally showed up at around 8pm. It was dropped off, no temporary license plate, no walk through (just a delivery guy with his lady friend waiting in his truck), no missing parts, no outdoor kitchen issue resolved (pullout stove would not pullout at all. Counter was swollen from water leak), broken door, and missing caps.

The delivery guy had trouble getting the jack to move so. Popped several fuses and ended up using the manual crank. We asked about the license plate and were told it is fine to drive back to VA without a license plate. I am no rocket scientist, but I knew we had a huge problem

It was now almost 9pm and were leaving for home at 8am. I took pictures and sent an email and text to the sales person. Due to the late arrival, we did not throughly look over the unit until we got home. Big mistake! Never got a response! We drive home safely and then did a complete look over. We found that none the missing parts were there, outdoor kitchen was leaking water front the seal causing the pullout counter to swell so much that it would not pull out.

The mold and mildew was everywhere and smelt horrible! Numerous emails and daily calls to SC for over a month. We finally got to speak with a manager that the receptionist felt bad so she was also helping us get a hold of someone. Upon our walkthrough, we also noticed a bend scissor jack and a hole in the floor. Finally speaking with someone a CW in SC they told us to contact a local camping world in VA (Manassas, VA) in August we called and made an appointment for Nov 3, 2020 for repairs.

That is when the ultimate nightmare started. In December 2020, I was contacted to provide the sales agreement. I emailed that and then heard nothing back. Then we started calling weekly in March and could not get anyone to call us back after numerous messages. Not one time were we ever able to speak with anyone other than the receptionist.

I reached out to Corp. hey the website says “if your not happy then Marcus is not happy!” Well Marcus must have a messed up definition of happy. Numerous called and emails, so got answered and some did not. So now I was follow up again. The guy at corporate said he could not get them to return a call either.

Finally was getting Camping World to reach out. The service manager actually told me that everything but the hole in the floor was fixed. I said great! He said that the warranty would not approve the claim for the hole because it was a collision. Collision? What? The unit has never been in a wreck. This is where things just got worse.

Corporate is a complete joke and waste of time! We were told to fill an insurance claim and then they would repair the floor and actually found more holes then we even knew about. In my eyes that is a little on the fraud side because you want me to file claim for something I did not do and charge over 40 hours of labor to repair a job that is a few hours. Found out that my units warranty was never registered, and SC was fighting with VA and now no one was going to fix anything.

Finally getting frustrated because we had meeting with the Corp guy and was told as a courtesy they would cover the deductible when we filed the claim. I asked for him to put it in writing so I could review it later that night with my husband. The email came limiting it to up to $500. I responded back to the Corp email asking to be provided the cost breakdown for the repairs that have been completed and the ones needing to be completed. I also asked for the original intake form we signed back in Nov 2020.

Well it is May 2020. No response and we picked up the trailer. They lost our key, tried to charge us for something (that got shutdown quick), our unit was parked in the very back of the lot and clearly was not worked on! I sent a text and called to inform them the unit would be pick up at the time. Nope in good old CW fashion nothing was done.

Now we have the unit home and found that nothing at all was repaired. The outdoor unit is absolutely covered in Mold and mildew! Previously I kept it opened and had bleached it to deal with the mold. The smell was so bad! Now I am contacting the warranty people because CE told me they had repaired the outdoor kitchen. Clearly they did not! Did the say they did and tell me to file a false claim so the could double dip on the warranty and insurance repairs? Or just the warranty? So we bought the warranty for tires and everything else. So basically we just wasted our money!

Now I will be calling Dutchman to see if a warranty claim was filed. Hope they did not commit fraud! So that is where my story is at currently. They had my camper for over 5 months and did absolutely nothing. Seriously what in the world would they charge me for since nothing was done! Husband wants to contact an attorney but that is more money and the repairs should not be much.

I have been fighting with these people that clearly have no moral compass nor have one ounce of integrity. Do yourself a favor and do not buy from Camping World!! No matter which location you will regret it. They tell you want you want to hear and take advantage of every situation. Marcus must be a very unhappy person because his company has done a lot of people very wrong!

Name: Laura V

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