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CW had done nothing...

“AUGUST” 1, 2018, I purchased an RV from Camping World in Oklahoma. On a freeway turn, the side entry door flew open and I assumed I had forgotten to lock it! So, I Locked it!

On Another freeway curve, the side entry door flew open!, But! I knew I’d locked it! I immediately returned to CW and after four hours they presented my RV, door fixed.

I was going around a freeway curve when the side entry door flew open, again! Upon closer examination of “the flying door“ I observed that the door was off kilter; so the lock and Lockett did not line up and CW had done nothing...

So I took it back Aug-2-2018.“AUGUST” 1, 2 0 2 0 Under “their” warranty... All is covered, All; and you believe them because that’s what 100% means in the Real World, Just not in Camping World’s World!!!!

Sooo... Here I am 2/years later and every time I turn a corner the side entry door flies Open! Marcus Lemon 🍋 & Camping World have provided 0% of their 100% Warranty. Buyers Beware!!!

Name: Norma Jane

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