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Hello, I don’t know what happened but after looking back at it all the whole experience with camping world has been awful. First of all I brought my camper to get an estimate on some repairs and to trade in around October 5, didn’t even get the estimate for repairs finally December 7th. You gave me a 30,000.00 trade in amount with the camper repairs done, but at that time had no idea of cost.

If I was told at that time we could do the deal before the camper repair was done I would of done it, but nope communication dropped off. Finally beginning of December someone e from service department finally get back to me with the estimate. Get in touch with jasmine the sales girl, and find a camper we like and are told are trade value has dropped from 30,000.00 to 18,000.00. We find a camper and instead of saying older models don’t usually get financing they run my credit to five different banks or something. So of course we lose that camper and now credit went from 740 to 667.

So then jasmine calls about a camper that came in on January 21, and says we can come see it on Monday morning. We come in on Monday and yeah it is kinda nice. We drive it and my fiancé does not like the way it drives at all, it is very loose. So all the sudden we need to decide right then if we want to get this camper. We of course have been looking for campers elsewhere and branch outside of camping world.

So we let jasmine know we need to take a night and sleep on it, and that Brandon wanted to drive some other ones. So we then become hounded by jasmine with phone calls trying to talk us into coming to an agreement to buy it by 4 pm that day cause some e else was coming to see it.

Needless to say that did not happen and we went somewhere else and found the best camper for such a great price. But no the saga is not complete because you guys still have my camper that had not been worked on at all as far as I know. But it sure was funny that when I called to tell them not to bother doing the work we were coming to get the camper the work had been completed. I was emailed a bill that was 418.00 more than the estimate giving to me December 7. Then when I get there to pay for the camper you try to bill me even more somewhere around 4200.00.

I have lost so much time and now money due to all of this and am so irritated by the whole situation. Also lost 3000.00 on my trade in value with the new company because some how one of my slides was messed up and there is a area on the camper that had been hit by something, which neither things were wrong with it before being left at your facility in October 2022. And I still have to deal with your company because you have my title for my camper that I we have to get to send overnight to the camper place that I bought from, before they can start to get my camper ready. And there was never a new awning put on the camper, it is still the one that was on it when we left it with you.

If I lose any more money (difference from estimate to actually billed and the 500.00 deposit that was placed on RV that we did not get financing on, and 3000.00 on my trade in value) because I don’t get my title and have it sent to get my new camper before my start date of my new job I will be getting in touch with you in person.


Name: Crystal Kreis

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