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Disappointed on how Camping World operates their customer service

Disappointed on how Camping World operates their customer service. Went in there to purchase my first RV never came to look at my vehicle just asked what it was so they can look it up on the website so the multiple times to come out and look at the vehicle. Ended up finding a trailer that day ran my credit through for banks got a deal sign the line took deposit.

Came in a couple days later to get some hits work done to only find out my truck is call and the trailer won't work. And was told I could flip axles with their mechanic under their knowing that they were already done after having somebody look at it then told me to customize it by putting New Shackle hangers cutting off the old ones.

Long story short I'm out of pocket another $3,900 after purchasing this $47,000 trailer that will not fit on the back of my truck because of the height issue and the back end dragging on the driveway.

And when you call customer service they are very rude we can't do nothing and have a good day and just hang up on you. Also managers with the same attitude at the stores in your local town calling you and telling me you ain't getting nothing from us and you're not getting nothing from corporate with the laugh and then hangs up.

Camping World is a bunch of POS whether it's how they're told to operate by the owner or that's just their normal business that I'm seeing with this page I'm glad I found this page and see what else I can do on my end. Hope this helped anybody but I wouldn't go back to them to buy a damn thing...

Name: Roger Remy

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