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Don't trust them.

2 stories...

First, we were camping in Kentucky. When I was backing into site I caught the sewer dump valve on a tee stump and ripped it off. Needed parts to fix it. Camping World was 2 hours away but figured they'd have the parts. But I called anyways. The manager said, we should have them.

So drove the 2 hours and guess what? They didn't have them.

Then years later bought a new camper from Camping World in Harrisburg, Pa. Told the salesman we were not trading our old one. He gave us a price of $24,000 plus change. He told us it would be in by end of August. Nope. Came in first week of October. When we go to pay they give us an invoice of $30,000. What/ We showed them all the emails.

Oh oh. They talk to manager. We made a mistake. best we can do is give it to you for our cost of $27,000 plus change. Don't trust them.

Name: Randy Gartner

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