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Email sent to Camping World

This is part of a email sent to Camping World

Good Day,

I would like to give a firsthand review of the purchase and service / warranty for the camping world RV store in Marion IL.

About a year ago my wife and I drove to the camping World in Marion IL, with intentions of upgrading our RV. We met with a salesman said to be the best they had, we looked at several high-end 5th wheels and did find what we were looking for, just the wrong color. They found our match at another store arranged it to be deliver the next week if we agree to buy it now. This is where it went downhill. We received a printed sheet with MSRP, Sales price, Savings amount Trade-in ECT. The Document had been altered by black marker making it look like the RV that was being shipped in. It was going to be a week before it arrives, so I did my due diligence and called the manufacturer just to found out there is no Cedar Creek 371FL made that even come close the MSRP of the fraudulent print out. I called our salesman and ask for proof of the MSRP of the RV. He said he would have it when we come to pick up. Few days pass, we take our trade in down and ask for the salesman, of course he is off that day and no one knows what I am asking for. After talking to manager, I asked to see the factory invoice on his computer with the VIN on it. He pulls it up just to find out the actual MSRP is $28,000 less than the fraudulent printed out, sure makes that deal look a lot less appealing. So the manager did work with me to somewhat make it right, just because I had already put the down payment on the camper we did buy it, under the conditions we would get $500 store credit, free washer and drier install, fix the missing blinds in dining room slide and additional money off the corrected bill of sale. This was a cash deal no financing so I could of went anywhere in the county to buy. But I thought the added benefit of the US wide camping world service would be a benefit, man was I wrong.

After the deal was done. We waited 9 Hours for the washer and drier to be installed, seemed excessive but we are a long way from home, so we had no choice.

Finally ready to hook up and go home. Camper was dropped out front. We hooked up and waited for the walk thru that never happened, even after repeatedly asking, asked for the keys so we could leave, keys nowhere to be found. 3 hours later and 2 hours past closing I received 1 key that doesn’t work in the door. Was told they would find them call me and ship them to me. 2 months later no call no keys, no report of the missing blinds. I call several times always being told they will check and call back. NOTHING

We drive back down to ask in person, ask about Keys and the warranty blinds, wait around for a hour without a response. Ask again and told by manager they will call us with a couple days with a update. NOTHING

Few months go by multiple calls NOTHING

Drive back down again, this time I am getting very unhappy. Waste 2 hours while they look again for keys and Blinds. NOTHING

Repeated these 3 more times.

Finally, about a month ago, I drive down again and voice my issues this time with more emphasis. The manager finally offers a solution and gives us a new locking mechanism for the door so we will have keys and sets up the service date for the warranty/ recall issues on the unit. Seems like 10 months later me may have a resolution.

The next week I drop the camper off with service, give them a list of issues. Repairs will be done with in less than 2 weeks and we will call you. (sound familiar)

2 weeks go by and no report, call them(waiting on parts) will call you Monday (NOTHING)

Another week goes by (Nothing)

Drive down to check on progress in person, Told it will be ready in 1 Hour.

3 hours later, I ask again about how much longer, well we have an issue-wrong parts, will have to order replacements will take to 2 weeks, Nope I am done, bring it out I am taking it home. This has to be the worst Buying/service experience of my life. Not to mention the mess that was left in the RV, trim off, seals missing. And the only repair done right was the jack replacement. (The easy bolt on stuff). Door still don’t latch, front window was not resealed the used caulking around it, and it looks horrible. Slide wires a mess, (parts that had to be reordered).

Sign papers, hook up and LEAVE.

But what compelled me to write this email, was how on the work order the employees was told to follow Cedar Creek Procedure Due to Customer being a HEAT CASE, is this normal? To call your paying customers Head Cases, just because they spend $100,000+ and expect some level of service. We now are a nuisance, or problem. 10 months, 8 trips, dozens plus calls, to be insulted. All while paying a premium.

If you made it to this point thanks for your time.

I will continue to buys campers every few years this will not stop my love of camping. But this will be the last time I step foot in a Camping world gander RV or any other box store RV shop.

Thanks for your Time

Name: Anonymous

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