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Employees involved in violating financial Privacy Act Laws

Unable to obtain the title from dealer, Dealer threaten us to bring the camper back. Camping world Direct Finance Manger stole our Soc # and applied for other loans when I already had a secured loan

September 22, 2021.

Regarding Jones Complaint with Camping World Sales, dba: Olinger RV Center LLC.,

Business License # 37155298 with Oregon DMV license Expired as 8/31/21

24000 NE Sandy Blvd

Wood Village OR 97060

Employees involved in violating financial Privacy Act Laws:

Stephine Dunn; Nick Galanti and Jesse Jensen

Emails:; and; and

To whom it may concern,

Camping World Sales; dba: Olinger RV Center LLC., employee, Stephine Dunn; Regional Finance Director; made several unauthorized hard inquires with all three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Trans Union and Experian), along with submitting a unauthorized electronic loan application(s) to Twin Star Credit Union and WSECU Credit Union through the CUDL system pertaining to my Jones, between the time frames of September 14, 2021 through September 16, 2021.

These hard inquires was submitting to the two Credit Unions for a RV loan that was NOT authorize orally, written or electronically by Jones. We did NOT agree to have our credit pulled in September 2021 for any reason with this company.

The CUDL application submitted by Stephine Dunn to WSECU on 9/15/2021 at 6:06PM, was decline based on how she submitted incorrect information and submitted as joint and non-spousal which made it appear as a co-sign loan. This was also submitted the same way to Twin Star.

Stephine has been working side by side with Nick Galanti who signed a purchase order on 9/17/21 without our knowledge or our signatures,

jones bought a camper from this company on June 6, 2021 and signed a contract to only have a loan with one credit report pulled. The loan was secured and is active through Oregon Community Credit Union on June 6, 2021. Oregon Community Credit Union did fund the loan to the dealership on June 14, 2021. My loan started with that credit union on June 14th, 2021 and is current ever since.

Stephine Dunn and Nick Galanti was out of bounds to submit additional hard inquires and applications for a loan 95 days after the OCCU loan was funded through Oregon Community Credit Union and 103 days after we purchased a vehicle from this Camping world Sales; dba: Olinger RV Center LLC.

This two employees have damage our credit scores by 20 points in 6 days and caused me to be denied credit with a personal loan for covering my medical bills on a heart surgery.

I want these two employees of Camping world Sales; dba: Olinger RV Center LLC to be prosecuted to the fullest of the Privacy Act Law with seeking financial and emotional damages that their actions has caused me. Also, I also want ALL inquiries from this company and the submitted loan applications that Stephine Dunn fraudulently submitted to Twin Star Credit Union and WESCU to be removed as well.

On top of this, Stephine Dunn submitted a title application electronically in July 2021 with Washington State department of License without our signatures. Stephine Dunn refused to send the original title application to Washington State in the time allowed by the laws that cover the States of Oregon and Washington.

Stephine Dunn should not be allowed to practice in a financial role where social security numbers and credit reporting is accessible to her needs for a business.

Name: Anonymous

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