Every time we get in the trailer, something else is broken.

I purchased a Coleman from CW in Las Vegas. Feel free to read the extremely long yelp review. I got ignored by the finance dept, the tech that walked us thru the trailer when we picked it up told us the trailer was connected to the truck correctly and the trailer fell off the first time we took it out.

The service dept was extremely rude to me. Every time we get in the trailer, something else is broken. The panels on the side of the trailer started coming off and air would get in it and the side would bulge out while driving.

The LV camping world was so bad that we took it to the Utah CW. I was pretty much ignored for 8 weeks while it was there. When I picked it up, some items were denied by warranty company - still under factory warranty since it was less than a year.. they didnt bother to tell us and offer to repair it which I would have paid for.

Took it camping right after and something else had fallen off during the trip from the shop to the camping spot. We were told by the service advisor that the reason the warranty is so good because they know it's shoddy workmanship and stuff is going to break.

We bought it in Aug of 2019.. it was in the shop during the first year about 4 months (not consecutively) we liked the layout and it was less expensive than a similar Jayco. You get what you pay for. I can't wait to be able to trade it in but I doubt it will hold any value.

Name: Melissa

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