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Everything was a complete nightmare

Too much to list!! I am physically and mentally disabled and they took total advantage of me! Not to mention, I was recently widowed when I purchased my RV. Found what I thought was a fair deal. Flew to Virginia to pick it up and from there out everything was a complete nightmare. RV was suppose to be ready. It was dirty and later noticed they charged some ridiculous fee for sanitizing. Ha! The coach battery they said needed changed. We waited for hours. In the meantime their finance person raked me through all the paperwork. By the way, I am on oxygen and at this point my concentrators battery had run out so my oxygen levels were way low. Hadn’t eaten all day! By the time I signed and left I was so distraught. I guess that’s part of their game. That’s just the beginning, dealing with them after that, they were impossible to get ahold of! Would not return calls. List goes on…….

Name: Jennifer Good

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