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For 8 hours Good Sams never called a tow

We bought an RV from camping world in January 2021. We took our first trip to Colorado in March of 2021 the RV broke down on a very busy interstate in Pueblo 1500 miles from home.

The chassis was the first problem the power steering booster line disconnected which meant no steering and no brakes we called good Sams roadside service which had us sitting in the side of the road with 3 kids 3, 5 and 6. For 8 hours Good Sams never called a tow . In turn I called camping world which had us in a hotel in Pueblo for 3 days our vacation was lost at this point and ended up not being able to see my 24 year old son or enjoy our camping trip at a very nice campground 1 hour north of Denver.

We are now on our 2nd trip to Colorado and now broke down with the same exact issue with another child 1 years old included in this trip for the steering box line to go out again. And a dog with us too.

We have been stuck at a parking lot of a ford dealership camping for 48 hours and no sign of when to get the part to fix. I reached out to the same people as before and their response is what do you want me to do you are safe at the ford dealership and once you sign the finance papers we are not responding so let for anything anymore.

Name: Melissa Cummings

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