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Forget trying to go up the Camping World ladder for any kind of help

Camping World Oakwood Georgia "NIGHTMARE"

Camping World, Oakwood Georgia-Future buyer please beware!!!!!!! This is the worst place to purchase a camper, I hope this review will warn future customers to stay away from Camping World in Oakwood Georgia.

The initial experience with the very unprofessional finance manager sent me out the door but the sales manager caught my husband and talked him into bringing me back in for a second try at the purchase. (I should have took my little inside voice advise and stayed out of that place).

We purchase a Jayco Feather Lite brand new camper in March 2021, the very first weekend (I am a travel nurse and this camper was suppose to make my job easier as a home away from home) the refrigerator quit, the door could not be closed from the inside, and the trim around the kitchen window came off. We did exactly as Camping World told us, appointment scheduled, our camper stayed at Camping World for nearly two months waiting on parts, and it was returned with no new refrigerator, no repair on the door, and no window trim repair.

Another attempt to use it; the refrigerator quit (again), the door could not be shut from the inside (again) and I just wrote off the kitchen window trim. Forget trying to go up the Camping World ladder for any kind of help. "If you're not happy, I'm not happy." by Marcus Lemonis Chairman of Camping World Holdings is a joke and lie, we called his office at 866-232-8990 ten times with no help at all.

I have 3 ticket numbers I can prove I called them, the other 7 just "could not be found", I reached out to JayCo, talked with everyone who had some kind of title leaving message after message from the Regional Sales manage, Customer Care, manager of legal affairs, everyone who had a office with not one follow up phone call except a girl name Emily who said she was a "Customer Care Specialist who took all the information and said she would get back.

Well, no luck there either from JayCo. The service manager Corey on April 8th at Camping World called with this news, "unsure how long for the refrigerator part to come" Then, a miracle happen and within a week our camper was repaired. We made another attempt to use as my "home away from home nursing assignment". Refrigerator quit, door could not be closed from the inside, and no window trim repair.

Now it is once more sitting at Camping World, Oakwood Georgia with not one phone called telling us anything about a possibility of repair again. Please people research your purchase with a fine tooth comb, the employees at this location are liars, thieves, and the truth is not in them.

Name: Kathy Walden

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