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From day one it has been a nightmare

We purchased a "New" 2019 Fleetwood Flair 28A Class A Mobile Home on October 26, 2020 from Camping World in Byron Georgia and from day one it has been a nightmare. At the time of purchase it had 817 miles on it. On our first trip (December 2020) from Jacksonville Florida to Maryland, the dead bolt jammed and we were unable to exit the unit. We ended up stopping at a Camping World dealership in North Carolina, who was able to clear the jam and suggested we have the lock inspected and replaced. Also during the trip the vehicle had a lot of vibration in the tires. In January 2021 I put the vehicle in the shop to have the tires inspected. No problems were found with the tires. In February 2021 I put the vehicle in the shop (General RV) with the following issues: (stairwell was separating from the frame, toilet was leaking, hot/cold temperate gauges not working correctly and leveling system malfunction while driving). One of the corrections to all of these issues was the factory never put sealant around the threshold of the steps. In April 2021 on a second trip from Jacksonville Florida to Maryland, we had to stop in North Carolina due to the engine check light came on the vehicle. Issues were found with (Evap system leak, ECM/PCM power relay, engine performance and fuel level sensor). Technician did a reset but didn't fix the problems due to it was not an RV dealership. In July 2021 had to put the vehicle in the shop (Camping World in Jacksonville Florida) due to one of the TV's inside the vehicle developed a problem and the storage unit under the external television wouldn't open due to the lock was rusted. CampingWorld replaced the TV and replaced the lock. All were corrected under warranty. On a 3rd trip from Jacksonville Florida to Maryland we noticed the floor behind the passenger seat and the couch, it was soft. Also we had some water in the storage compartment under the external TV. We determined the lock that was replaced by CampingWorld rusted due to the water damage. Since the vehicle was in Maryland for several months we didn't have the damage inspected by CampingWorld. In driving the vehicle from Maryland to Jacksonville Florida in December 2021 the engine light came back on and shimmering in the sterling wheel at 5-10 miles per hour was noticed. On January 17, 2022 the vehicle was put in the shop (CampingWorld in Jacksonville Florida) to repair needed with the rear ladder and back of the vehicle. It took from January until August 2022 to repair the issue. The vehicle is still in the shop as of the time I wrote this story, awaiting repairs needed for the (vibration issue, water damage and check engine light needing to be addressed). This RV has been a nightmare. Please advise.

Name: Donald E Jones

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