He starts confessing to my husband...."I lied to you"

If Marcus Lemonis's Camping World was a pimple, Camping World, Oakwood Georgia would be the head. The dictionary's definition of idiot, "a person of low intelligence" well....the dictionary needs to be updated again.

Corey, (service department person) called my husband this morning. "Mr. Walden you have a brand new refrigerator and a brand new door on your camper, you can come and pick it up." My husband drives to Camping World, picks up our brand new camper for a third time in four short months we have owned it, brings it home, opens the door that was not replaced, looks at the same broken refrigerator that was not replaced and immediately every hair on his head stands up, jugular veins pop out, rips out his cell phone....gets this Corey on the phone ( I assume must be Catholic) because he starts confessing to my husband...."I lied to you Mr. Walden."

Now, you see why the dictionary needs to come up with a better word than idiot. I asked my husband on the way home from work why on earth would you believe anything that anyone at Camping World says, why did you not examine the amazing repair work before bringing that camper home. I would not believe ANYTHING anyone at Camping World says unless Jesus was standing there holding their hand and personally telling me they are telling the truth. These people could not breath on a glass much less repair a brand new camper for a THIRD time in less than four months. This mess has gone on way too long.

Name: Kathy Walden

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