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Horrible tech and team used the bathroom with no water

Multiple defects on a brand new camper spent 8 months this year directly in service getting repairs fort myers camping world horrible tech and team used the bathroom with no water ( no water ever ran through system brand new camper). they tell me will be ready in 4 hours - 3 months later finally say its done and ready; get there and they upcharge original invoice and could not find original signed invoice.

check camper and left a mess and tell me dryer is broken but have to go through GM because its manufacturer defect (when i literally just purchased dryer from them brand new). seems like they expected me to leave it more time but when i saw the bathroom used and stained i lost it. I paid and took my camper out of there before they ruined it more. corporate refunds me upcharge amount and sends me to another location.

8 months later in service on a brand new camper and corporate request fort myers reciept to process full refund. finally recieved camper in somewhat usable condition and and sent reciept to corporate and they are now saying they will not do a full refund but they will give me $1000 if i sign a general release agreement to release them of any liabilities stemming from my year of nightmare with them


Name: Anonymous

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