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How do they sleep at night ?

About 6 months ago my son bought a brand new heartland mallard camper at camping world… on his first trip with his family to key west from North Carolina the Axel broke and the wheel got stuck up in the wheel well of the camper . They were making a turn when the wheel fell off, and the camper nearly tipped over . They spent three hours in the rain waiting to get towed to the closest camping world .

My son , his wife and 6 month old son stayed in a hotel while camping world looked at the camper … they paid 200.00 for the hotel while waiting to see if they could repair the camper . After two days .. camping worlds mechanic told them that the wheel hub had not been packed with grease at the factory.

My son left Florida without their camper .. they had a reservation at a camping spot in northern Florida . They were going to stay the night on there way home from key west … the lost the money because they couldn’t get a refund .

They couldn’t finish their vacation because of the wheel falling off .. it took four months to get the camper repaired.

My son lossy out on two vacations he and his wife were planing on taking during that four month period. Including their honeymoon trip out west .

Camping world corporate employees lied to us the entire four months as to when it would be ready .. at one point they even blamed my son ..saying he might have hit something with the camper wheels while traveling .. thank God we had an honest mechanic in ft pierce Florida who told them it was a factory problem ..

All we got for the entire four months was lies . They never took responsibility for anything. All the babies clothing was in the camper .. by the time we got the camper back .. the cloths no longer fit .

We asked for a new .. new camper several times .. we were turned down several times . Corporate employees are extremely deceptive!

They all have been very well groomed for deception and making it sound like your asking too much to get your camper back in a timely manner .

After getting the camper back .. my son and his wife took a second trip …this time to Alabama .. they drove 9 hrs to get to the camping site . The first night the hot water heater was not working.. camping world wanted him and his family to drive over an hr to a camping world to get it repaired.. they said ( it could take three days to get the part .. and they would need to leave the camper at camping world and stay in a hotel … my son was so upset he drove home right back to North Carolina . Another vacation ruined by camping world …

I called corporate office myself and told them I would gladly spend 10,000 for an attorney to take them to court . The next day they offered to buy back the camper .. it wouldn’t surprise me if they try to sell it as a brand new camper… How do they sleep at night ?

Never ever buy from camping world

Name: John Mazur

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