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I always heard don't go to Camping World. You will regret it and I do

I purchased a brand new 2021 Highland Ridge Open Range 26BHS November 24, 2021. From Camping World in Massachusetts. I thought I got a deal. Beautiful camper great price. They definitely were shady with their original price and were dishonest but it was the camper we fell in love with. It fit our needs and we were able to trade in our smaller camper.

We are seasonal campers. We brought our Campsite for new season to campground April 2022. We never once used Stabilizers. We had our camper parked at house with chalks flat surface.

So we went to campground parked camper put Jack's down one was faulty and it broke and three other ones did as well. Our campground told us that should've never happened. We call Camping World they took a message never heard back. So we just bought new ones on Amazon.

We live in CT were pretty much in a drought all summer long. So it began raining a lot end of August and September. We packed up our camper Columbus Day weekend. Emptied our clothes closet. Clothes were soaking wet. I use bedroom to sleep have blinds down rarely had a light on. Turn on lights mold was growing in corners of walls leaking water. Cabinets were covered in mold spots. Thought it was just on one side. Again called camping world heard nothing back.

Finished cleaning other side of camper had mold in corner underneath closet cabinet. Also dripping water during rainstorm. So we bring it home two days later Oct 8 we discovered damage. Huge holes were found in sealant in several spots and my boyfriend is a roofer so he definitely has knowledge of sealing roofs. He said it was sold to us like that and has probably been leaking since day one. They did a terrible job sealing it. Jayco is our manufacturer. I had a one year warranty. I refused to go to Camping World for service. Over my dead body was I going to let them touch my camper.

I bought my camper was brand new. Never did I think I had to go on the roof with a magnifying glass. So I found a wonderful RV sales and service place who is working with me and so far the Manufacturer is doing right by the warranty. I also have a double sink that laminate counter top is coming off because they installed it wrong and the shower vent plastic wasn't properly installed and had a huge gap so those are both being fixed.

Camping World clearly did not inspect the camper. I will never go there again. My camper may have to be ripped apart still waiting to see. I always heard don't go to Camping World. You will regret it and I do. Also they never gave me my warranty number. The Jayco specialist in charge of my case said I should've received my number when signing papers before I took it off lot. I had to chase after them. Very unprofessional and stand by campers that are poor quality. My warranty expires soon. I'm afraid what other problems will arise with this camper. I'm afraid. They shouldn't be allowed to do this.

Name: Anonymous

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