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We bought a new camper and this is definitely not a new camper anymore

August 28th 2021 we purchased a brand new Forest River vibe 28 Rb. On that day we did a walk through there was several small items and a few tweaks that needed to be done. The list was kitchen walls at only one coat of paint you can see right through to the rough spots and the white needed to be redone. Pantry doors hinges were coming off, refrigerator doors scratched, trim broken, screws missing, shower cold water cap missing, door locks not working properly, decals scratched front and on by outside shower, heating element in the bedroom ac unit missing, kitchen shade wrong color.

They told us that they would order those parts and when they came in we'll bring in the camper and it'll be a maximum of 2 weeks in our camper would be perfect. We agreed and signed the papers December 2nd 2021 they called said we're ready for you. My camper sat there for 9 months now the things that they have done they did fix the pantry door they did put screws in and they greased some walks there was numerous times we called numerous times we showed up we were always told you're next we're almost done twice we were told they did a walkthrough and everything was done first time we came for that supposedly our camper finished they told us they broke her hitch they forgot to put it up and broke it they replaced it with a junky one and they replaced it again cuz we won't satisfied.

Second time they told us that it was completed we came in they had all the lights in the bedroom dangling and the door over the bed off had no idea why. I asked them what's going on they said they did not know we noticed the solar wasn't strong enough to put in our slide. I asked him what is going on they also said well it was wired backwards so the tech had a rewire it ..

May, we came in the camper was missing its propane tanks and replaced them with small junkie ones, they did take them away and replace them with new ones. The battery straps were missing off the battery that came with the camper and the battery we purchased from them they put one strap on check the solar still was not working properly was not holding a charge.

Asked them what about the decals they said they try to put them on and they couldn't do it.

Asked him about the heating element they said well it's been here all along just don't have anyone qualified to install it that there is some in school that will be able to do that.

Asked him about the gouge on my mantle that wasn't there they just struck their shoulder and said I don't know.

Asked him about the missing sick dish drain in my kitchen they said that's a simple order. Went into the bathroom the cold water cap was back on my shower turned around to the sink both the cold water and the hot water cap we're missing off my sinks again. Said we'll put that on the list looked at my rug there's oil on it like they stepped on oil in the shop and then stepped into my camper with it on. I don't know there was no remarks to that.

It's been 9 months my campers getting destroyed and now it's being used as a parts camper. We talked to service manager that begged us to take it home. I did want to take it home because I was afraid what else would happen to my camper so we made a deal and he put it in writing that they would come to my house as many times as it took and fix the remaining things which were actually more than the things that we started off with.

We took it home the tech showed up once at my house with a new shade and put that in. Asked him about the trim he said he didn't bring anything. He looked down and said you know that your linoleum is coming up I looked down and it was all lifted. I said why is that he said cuz there's no glue underneath it. I said so I can't close my slide he said no you can't. I said have my trims coming off my wall he said she just glue that on. I said did you bring glue he said no. I said okay what about the heating element in the bedroom? Can you install that?He says no I didn't bring any parts. I asked him what did he bring he said the shade, the kitchen's drain, and the decal.

I said decal, he said yes one. I said they're supposed to be two. He went outside to the decal out and told me oh this is the wrong one I can't put anything on any left.

That was in May, this is now August almost a year after buying it. I asked when are they coming back up and I'm told that they're tired of telling me they have to wait for all the parts to come in before they can come for their last visit. I said what do you mean last visit and they said that's it you get one more and you should be lucky then we're not charging you and we're doing this as a courtesy.

Needless to say we were mad but we did not express to the degree that we were. I asked her what's going to happen if you he comes one more time and he doesn't bring the parts or he doesn't finish it? I have never gotten a answer.

Well I called Marcus's office. The first time they sent me a gift card which we have not used. Second time they told me that they will try to help but nobody's helping us. I've called Amy the girl that's supposed to be helping us that is not helping us. She doesn't return my calls or she tells me that she's tired of talking to me and telling me the same things that we're going to have to be patient and wait.

Well it's going to be a year in 2 days and not only is some of the beginning of this stuff is not done we have more things that their company caused my camper damage. The camper still sits here with a slide out cuz I cannot close it because apparently they didn't put glue underneath linoleum. Also trim on the walls or coming off need to be glued. Also the trim that was broken was never fixed, the kitchen walls were never painted, the doors locks were never completely fixed. The oil on the rug I got out the best I could, the gouge on my mantle that they caused is still there. The heating element and the bedroom is still missing the cold and hot water caps into the bathroom are now missing.

My camper still is not holding a charge. It works if it's sunny then as soon as the sun goes it dies, it's not strong enough to even keep the lights on. Paid full price for this and been paying for this and we have not been able to use this camper as of yet. They're good salesman..

I am so frustrated my initial warranty is over in 2 days. We did purchase an extension that cost us quite a bit also we bought a new camper and this is definitely not a new camper anymore. It's full of replacement parts and broken parts. It's very sad that they didn't hurry up. I try to fix this any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated thank you

Name: Tonilynne Winters

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