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I began to research the problem online and found blogs stating these are common problems

I took delivery of a 2021 Coleman Lantern RK286 on June 15 2021. I even paid extra to have it delivered as the weight of the unit exceeded the tow capacity of my vehicle. After completing the initial setup of leveling, connecting the utilities I discovered that neither the Refrigerator or Freezer were getting cold.

After 2 or 3 days, it was still not getting cold.The Refrigerator/Freezer unit is a 10 cubic ft,12 volt Ever Chill. I visited Camping World and was told to make sure it was set to run off of electrical power and not propane. Of course, being a 12 volt system, it is only powered by electricity.

A few days later,I went back to Camping World to discuss the issue and was told the only way they could diagnose the problem was to bring the trailer back to their shop and leave it for at least 24 hours. I explained to their shop rep that I was unable to bring it back I had paid extra for delivery since my vehicle could not tow it. He then told me Camping World does not have Feild Service Techs and my only other option was to call Coleman myself.

I contacted Coleman who advised calling a Mobile RV Service Tech, paying for the repairs myself and then submitting the invoice for reimbursement which could take up to 90 days. I began to research the problem online and found blogs stating these are common problems. I ended up solving the problem myself by removing the refrigerator from the cabinet and inspecting the wiring connection.

As it turned out the power and ground wires were poorly connected and not providing a solid 12 volts of power, just enough to illuminate the light bulb. I crimped some spade connectors onto the wire ends and then reconnected them to the circuit board and like magic, the fans and compressor kicked on.

My issue with Camping World is two fold. First,they should have known about this issue as I was able to find multiple articles about it online, and two, why wasn't this problem discovered by their shop during their alleged Point by Point Inspection that was supposed to be done prior to delivery.

My conclusion is that Camping World is more concerned with making the sale rather providing service to their customers after they have taken possession of the trailer.

Name: Allen Jackman

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