I can't tell you how appalled I was at the attitude of the service people

I bought a 2021 Keystone Kodiak from Camping World McGeorge RV in Ashland, Virginia in November of 2020. A month later I pulled the trailer to California and spent two months on the west coast. This was the perfect shakedown cruise and revealed some manufacturing issues with the trailer. The RV went into maintenance in March and wasn't ready for 5 weeks.

On the first outing we discovered that 50% of the issues were not properly fixed. We were charged $140.00 for warranty. On November 19th I checked my trailer into maintenance for the final warranty service. It's still at McGeorge RV with no maintenance complete. I had reservations at a campground in Florida and had to cancel them. Paid a visit to the dealer yesterday and spent an hour trying to teach them what real customer service is.

I can't tell you how appalled I was at the attitude of the service people. They went out of their way...to convince me they were not culpable for the service delays, poor workmanship, and erroneous charges for warranty service. NEVER, EVER TRUST CAMPING WORLD OR THE PRODUCTS THEY SELL. They will not stand behind them!

Name: David Lance

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