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I cant sleep in that room without coughing up mucous all night

Took mine to CampingWorld Burlington WA. The Service Manager named Christopher became angry and damaged everything that they'd repair plus more.

The next tech at the next Campingworld said that the awning looked as though it had been hit with a hammer. The screw holding the sun visor suddenly drop out. The pipe under the kitchen sink was suddenly loose, the screws to the latch on the drawers that they repaired were suddenly loose. The screw to the shower head holder was suddenly loose. Both lights in the bathroom were suddenly flickers g handprints still on the ceiling. The water pump they'd repaired was suddenly malfunctioning and leaking water until the rear compartment. The leak that was supposedly sealed suddenly had a large hole in it. Suddenly There is a small leak about the bathroom vent where I'd asked them to check the operation of the vent.

Now I'm almost sure that there's mold in the area if previous moisture the latest Camping World work done in Bakersfield CA they only sealed the leak after replacing the pump, didn't dry it or treat it. Now I cant sleep in that room without coughing up mucous all night. The Bakersfied tech broke the light in the area of the sewrrconnection when replacing the pump. The list goes on. 2018 Forest River Forester

Name: Anonymous

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