I do not wish to deal with Camping World Raleigh any further.

The heater and directional control for the AC/heater/defroster did not work. To be honest, I do not know if it ever worked, because until out first trip going north, the unit had only been used on AC, and that worked. However, the first time I needed the heat and defroster, nothing would change from AC.

Long story short, Ford says it is a Thor issue, Thor says it is a Ford issue, at least Ford tried to help, but the input from their telephone tech did not solve the problem. I ended up taking the unit to Camping World Raleigh (where I purchased the unit), and after an additional back and forth between Ford and Camping World, I left the unit at Camping World to be repaired.

Over $700 later, they had replace the heater control unit, and that did not fix the problem. I was told that it needed to be taken to a Ford dealer about 60 miles away to be "reset". I was told by Camping World that this was the nearest Ford dealer that would work on RVs.

I called the recommended Ford dealer, and was told that they did not work on RVs, but there was a dealer that was only about 18 miles from my location that did work on RVs. I took RV there, and they repaired the problem. It cost me an additional $800, almost all labor. The labor was several hours, because it took a lot of trouble shooting to find that there was a broken wire.

When I called Camping World and told them that they had replace a very expensive part that was not the problem, their response was basically tough luck, you told us to replace the part. To say the least, I do not wish to deal with Camping World Raleigh any further.


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