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I guess we should have learned a long time ago

What can I say but we have had a nightmare experience with Camping World Again! I guess we should have learned a long time ago.

On Monday October 12, 2020 my husband and I drove to Myrtle Beach, SC to purchase a 2020 Heartland Big Country Fifth wheel RV that we had found on their website. We were trading in a 2018 RV (Cougar). When they looked at our RV for trade they discovered that it had a leak in one of the slide outs which had caused a small bubble on the slide out outside. My husband did not know this before thus our original amount of trade that they gave us had to be increased by $6K. We decided to pay the $6K and proceed with getting the new camper.

My husband works out of town during the week and lives in the camper and comes home on the weekend. It is currently parked at a campsite in Richlands, NC near his job site. On Sunday October 25 when he returned to the RV and it had rained he discovered that there was a leak in the slide out where the bed is. He called Camping World of Myrtle Beach, SC but our salesman was on vacation and he then spoke with someone in the Service department who told him that he needed to contact Greenville, NC Camping World as they are the closest camping world site to Richlands. He contacted them and left several messages but Greenville never called him back.

He called them every day and then on Wednesday October 28 I found a number to call to complain to the President of Camping World Marcus and I called our salesman who was on vacation on his cell phone. Keith, salesman, called me back and said that Nelson Ferez, who is in charge of service department at Myrtle Beach, would be calling me on Thursday October 29 because he had the day off. Never heard from Nelson. I was then contacted by the corporate office and assigned a case number. The next day I received a call from a lady named Jordan who stated she would get Greenville Camping World to contact us. They didn’t call us.

On Sunday November 1 when my husband returned to the RV again and it rained the night before both sides of the slide out was leaking in the bedroom. That Monday my husband called the salesman Keith again and he said he would get right on it. Finally received a call from Greenville camping world that morning. They stated that they did not have a remote tech to send and that we would have to bring it in to get it accessed and they did not know how long that would take once we dropped it off.

My husband told them this was unacceptable because of the financial strain it would leave on us since he lived in it and would have to get a hotel room and make a RV payment. They then said that they would get back to him. Well guess what it is now November 6 and we still have not heard from Camping World. My husband has called them back everyday and they will not return phone calls. We did not buy an $80K RV to have it leaking within 2 weeks. I guess it is karma since they charged us $6K for our trade in for a leak. They need to send a tech out to access it, give us a responsible time frame to fix it, and pay for his hotel room or give us the $6K back!

Since the above, my husband has taken the camper in 3 times to get it fixed. It has stayed each time 2 weeks. Still to this day it is not fixed, each time they tried to blame us like debris on the slide out which was impossible because my husband put an awning on the slide out. They swore that they had did a water test on it but apparently not as it still leaks. Now no one will call us back.

At this point it has been almost a year and they will not help us.

Name: Faye Hart

Faye Hart

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