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I have been paying payments, insurance and registration for 2 1/2 years, I am just done with it all

We purchased a unit from Camping world Meridian Idaho 2 years ago. The first unit they delivered was the wrong one. We didn’t notice right away until we were getting it ready to go camping. Making this part of the story short, the unit had 2 different model numbers on it and their answer to this problem was to upgrade us to another unit since they didn't have the one we paid for in stock.

I told them I want what I paid for, of course they couldn’t find one so we were offered a larger unit which added an extra 10,000 to the price which I fought them on, they gave me 3500 off, what I didn't know at the time was they didn't transfer the warranty I had already paid for and that is where the 3500. came from. So I have a unit with no extended warranty.

We finally get it all settled costing us more, them nothing. The first thing I asked was would the truck I had big enough to pull the larger trailer, they said yes, (I forgot to add that the truck could not pull it and we ended up purchasing another truck), all we had to do was get the tow package and sway bars, they decided they would give these to us for free for the troubles. We finally get this unit (the second one) brought to our house 75 miles away.

When they try to drop it off the truck, the trailer jack wouldn’t work, it kept popping fusses. I told them I will not accept the delivery until it is fixed. They take it back to the dealer. It is there for about a month getting fixed, they bring it again and the same thing occurs. I refuse it again. They take it back and change out to a new electric jack, this time it works. I accepted delivery.

We had a certain amount of time to check things out and take it back in if needed. It had a number of issues on the inside, most minor like molding coming down, the hideaway door/pantry was so crooked it could not be opened, it also held the TV and that part of the cabinet was coming apart. They set up a mobile guy to come fix the issues. He came and brought some wrong parts, had to reorder others.

Another month or two goes by, we decided we would not take in camping that summer because we were afraid if we did they would say the damage was caused by us. Their incompetency lasted for another year, they had it continuously, one day they said it is finally finished and they set up a date to deliver. When it got here I did a walk through and noticed they still hadn’t fixed the cabinet the tv sets in. I was furious, they had lifted it and put a small wheel on it but when we tried to open it, it was hitting the ceiling and would not open all the way.

Our journey began in June of 2021, we finally got to take it camping in August of 2022 for 2 nights. Nothing worked, the brand new batteries we purchased were dead, the exterior bbq didn't work, the air conditioner could only be run on the generator and it was a hot weekend. Other issues were found and we took it straight to the dealership from camping. Again that was in August of 2022.

Here it is April 2023, they have had the unit since last August, they have called us two different time to pick it up only to find out when we got there only one or two things were taken care of. They called about 10 days ago to let us know again it was ready to pick up. I told them they should bring it for free (they wanted 180.00 to deliver) because we had already made two trips and been put through the ringer with this entire process. The manager said they would do this ONE more time and no more.

That comment pissed me off. I called the corporate office (having called them a few times already) and explained what was going on. They told me it would be delivered today between 8 am and noon, I waited and it was almost noon and my thought was they weren’t going to show after already cancelling once last week. They showed right at noon and I was actually excited because we have planned a trip for the weekend of May 6th. They pulled it into its parking place and went to take it off the truck, The jack started lowering and stopped. They couldn't figure out what happened and realized the batteries were completely dead, I hooked it to power and it started lowering really slow the stopped again.

The fuses were blowing, we have now come full circle from 2 years ago. I was beside myself, I was actually shaking I was in between anger and crying. I called the dealership, at first the guy couldn’t even find our information, I told him who I had been working with but he kept on about finding our case. In the mean time the guys were trying to hand crank the jack but it froze up, it wouldn’t budge at all. I told the service guy at the dealership I was refusing the delivery, I don't want the unit at all, I have been paying payments, insurance, and registration for almost 2 1/2 years and I am just done with it all. It has been a long ongoing shitshow that is still not over. I am now trying to find an attorney to help me get my money back.

After having my brand new unit off and on for 2 years (12 months straight this time), and reporting Camping world Meridian Idaho to everyone I can think of in my state as well as posting on Marcus Lomois page and so many other things, they called me today and told me that their corporate office said that we have to get it off their lot even though it will not be fixed. Is there anyone here that has information on what they will do to me if I refuse to pick it up? Anyone experience something like this have any suggestions? I am planning to in September but having a hard time finding people to do it with me. My heart goes out to each and every one of you who have had to deal with this place, it's been pure hell.

Update: August 20, 2023 we went to pick up our trailer today, general manager Troy Hoppell said that the corporate office wanted it off their lot. He said that it would be gone through thoroughly, that everything has been fixed and it would be clean and ready to pick up today. We traveled to pick it up and guess what!!!! Not one person there knew anything about it. A guy had to call Troy and let him know we were there and what he was to do. I don't know what their conversation entailed but I told him we were going to do a walk through and make sure everything was done. It wasn't. We left once again without our unit that has been there for a year straight, they threaten us to pick it up but when we go it's never done. We are just going in circles.

It is August 28, 2023 and still not a single call from anyone at Camping World.

Name: Susan McCallum

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