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I know we were lied to and taken advantage of

On 2/13/21 (this was a Saturday) we went to that location to sell our camper to Camping World, we were given a purchase price of $29,500.00 by the Regional Consignment/Purchasing Manager, providing the unit was what we said it was and was in the condition we said.

We had just picked it up from 5 months at another dealer getting warranty work done and one of those things was to fix a leak on one side in the front of the camper. This is a 2020 XLR Hyperlite HD Toyhauler so it was only used for 5 months in the summer of 2020. The repair looked great to us and we took posession of the camper.

Once at the dealership we spoke with the General Manger of Camping World Saukville. He was going to handle the deal and have the camper inspected. He told us right up front we were offered way too much for the camper, that the NADA was less than that.

They pulled the camper in the shop and after a hour or so the service guys who inspected it took us back there to explain anything they found wrong with it. We were told that the camper had a leak on both sides in the front and delamination and there was water damage inside the camper. (Mind you we just picked it up from being repaired) Now we trusted all of the employees to be honest with us and were devastated by what they told us.

The GM then said it would cost $2,000.00 to repair it so he could only offer us $27,500.00. I realize we didn’t have to take that offer but it was snowing out pretty hard the day we took it in and we trusted them. I was in tears but that didn’t matter. So we took the deal and went home thinking the dealer we had just picked it up from didn’t do the repairs they said they did.

Well surprise, surprise on Monday 2/15/21 the camper was on the lot for sale for $35,999.00. Now you and I both know there is no way they fixed that camper in the 5 hours they are open on Sunday with everything they said was wrong with it. These are all facts that can be verified.

I know we were lied to and taken advantage of not to mention I still haven’t gotten my check yet for the amount owed to me after the loan was paid off because they say they don’t have an Office Manager right now. That is not my problem.

Name: Theresa M Mick

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