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I lost power steering and brakes on the highway at 70mph

My wife and I went to our local RV shop that was recently purchased by Camping World. We purchased a new Forest River Sunseeker. We sat with the dealer, manager, and finance department and left excited about our new adventure.

The next morning camping world called to inform us that they’d made a mistake and sold us a vehicle that was already sold! They apologized and offered us a similar (lesser) RV that we accepted. I took delivery on it a few days ago.

On my first trip, about 500 miles in, I lost power steering and brakes on the highway at 70mph. I was luckily able to pull over to the shoulder and let the 14000 lb vehicle slow itself down, and I was able to carefully drive it to a truck stop. Phew.

I called camping world to see if they could help me, expecting them to have me towed to their service center. That didn’t happen though. They told me to call good sam, and I did, 14 times. No help came though and I spent 36 hours stuck there.

Finally, after many many calls and false promises, good sam secured me a tow truck and had me towed to a Ford dealer. The Ford dealer was unable to fix the problem and told me they couldn't get the part for a full week, and that the vehicle was not safe to drive and they would not release it. I did what any reasonable person would do, walked around to the service bay, stole it and drove it to Camping World in Roanoke VA, thinking I could explain the situation to the manager and he would help - since I bought this from them literally days ago, brand new and it has < 1500 miles on it.

Luckily whatever they fiddled with at the dealership seemed to at least temporarily resolve the issue and I was able to drive it carefully to a walmart in South Carolina. I’m not bringing this thing all the way home to Massachusetts and I’m also not going to be stranded for a week. Camping World knowingly sent me down the road in a 14000lb gun with no safety and when called on it told me “call ford”. I didnt buy anything from ford. I bought it from camping world and I expect and demand that they stand by it. If Ford needs to be called in Camping World can call Ford in and put me up somewhere, covering ALL of my expenses (and I have good taste) while I wait for them to fix it.

Name: Luke Macneil

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