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I'm awakened by the overwhelming smell of propane throughout the entire 40ft RV

Well, I bought and paid in full a 2015 Cougar 5th wheel from a Camping World store in NY. They knew I would be living in the RV full time so I'm did the walk through as they told me everything worked, the propane tanks were full and it was ready to go. It was delivered that evening.

The furnace runs off the 2 batteries located on the RV , which I didn't find out until days later, they were never charged from when they had been put in 6 months prior.

I digress, fast forward to 3:30a.m on night 1 I'm awakened by the overwhelming smell of propane throughout the entire 40ft RV and was shivering because there was no heat (winter in the ny). Long story short I called service and told them there had to be a leak because nothing was on, I turned the tanks off and it didn't help.

When the service department called me back they pretty much blamed me and acted like because I was a female, I'm an idiot and don't know how anything works, when in fact I am fairly knowledgeable about vehicles and household repairs.

They REFUSED to send help. I called every day begging, crying, pleading for help as I was little freezing to death. FINALLY on day 5 they begrudgingly agreed to send someone. When he came the 1st thing he did was to test the regulator for a leak. JACKPOT..

The thing was bubbling like crazy and he was appalled. He said THIS is THE MOST important component to be checked and the LAST thing you would skip over. It gets better. They had told me during walk through that the carbon monoxide detector was expired so they were going to swap it out with a new one before delivery, guess what they didn't do?

Yup no carbon monoxide detector and the old one in the drawer in the kitchen. It's a bloody miracle I'm not dead, to be honest. This is by far the most serious but as the tech and I went through the RV we discovered the gas fireplace that they assured me, worked, did not even turn on. There was a list of about 20 non life threatening issues but I couldn't get over that they couldn't freaking killed me. I brought it to the attention of corpo

Name: Holly

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