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I'm beyond pi**ed and have already contacted my business lawyer

My wife and I purchased our very first RV from camping world of Tampa December 28,2020. It was a barely used 2018 Jayco Greyhawk 31FS with 6300 miles, everything went smoothly with the purchase. December 30th we set out to Tennessee to take the kids and ourselves on a much needed vacation.

January 1, 2021 is when we encountered our first issue with our RV which was a large puddle coming from under the rear room queen bed storage. Being in construction for 26 years, I happened to bring my tools and removed the cover which covers the water pump. As I removed this wood panel I see water steadily dripping from the fittings, not one fitting, all the fittings.

Thinking they might have just backed off a bit I tightened them. Not only were they loose, but 2 full turns loose which I thought to be strange. So for added peace of mind I decided to check ALL of the fittings inside the coach and found every single one loose the same amount.

Now I'm urked cause I have water that pooled under our bathroom sink and under the kitchen sink and water filter as well as the water heater. Now I'm really pi**ed because this looks like sabotage.

So after that fun night we continue on our vacation. The 5th night in the RV we noticed the pleather on our furniture has decided to peel off. Didn't worry cause we purchased the warranty for paint and interior (we will come back to this).

9th night out electric water heater goes out. I go outside to the water heater and find the pressure regulator valve dripping water onto the fuse link and electric board so I purge it and it settles down but electric element still wouldn't heat so we used the gas side of it.

So when we arrive home 1/13/21 I begin to wash and wax (whoever had it before never sealed or protected the fiberglass) the RV which took a few days to do.

So now that the outside is polished and shiny I begun to insulate the steps with reflectix because when it was chilly this hole was super cold causing the furnace to run a lot so while removing the cheap plastic molding I noticed rot along the wall by the fridge. I remove the fridge panel outside and notice the drain tube is not in the plastic bowl for it to run in but pressed against a pipe where it would drain against the fridge panel and drip on the wood (had no idea about checking fridge tube because I was told they checked everything through the day before we took possession of the RV at 6pm 12/28/20 and that they installed a screen to prevent wasps and other bugs from getting into that panel area)

Yet I noticed something in the hose when I moved the drain tube to the plastic drip catcher and had a time trying to remove the object from the plastic split in the tube. When i did get it out it appeared to have been placed there because it was like a toothpick that someone broke off in the tube so i went inside with my 2 gallon air tank and blew the line out so to get to the great part, so 2 days later 1/15/21 i get a call from cramping world advising me that the new water pump for my coach had arrived and they wanted to know when we could bring the RV in so im mad and asked her why TF was this issue not disclosed during buying and signing of this rv cause i would not have bought this coach with a known problem from the get go.

The wife and I had noticed the vinyl flooring had discoloration spots by the entry prior to finding the rot and spots in front of the fridge but later that night while swiffering the floors i noticed a huge discoloration to the right of the fridge and next to our lower bunk in the bunk house where that slide was so i leaned down to see what it was and when i rest my hand on the floor i almost lost my hand in a huge hole in the floor where the floor had rotted away.

Now I am beyond pi**ed. Call cramping world the next day and explain the urgency of getting this fixed as I didn't want mold to begin forming inside the coach now which this day was 1/20/21. I was told the soonest they could get my coach in was 2/15/21 and I was blown away knowing this is a water damage with rot in Florida and they put me aside for this long. Shocking.

So the wife was able to get us in 2/11/21 which we drop the RV off and they tell my wife shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks. Ok, sounds good. Fast forward 2 weeks no calls, nobody returns calls. So I drive down to cramping world and ask why tf nobody can return calls and wanted to know what the status on our coach is and he tells us its in the bay but nobody has started it yet.

I'm livid and tell them this is not how business is handled then he tells me what ive heard from contractors since covid struck that people have quit or didnt come in blah blah blah so i explain that i want my coach back before the third payment has to be made (seeing how all 2 of our payments have been paid now while cramping world has had possession of our coach.

So we explained how the seats were peeling and how we paid 3,999.00 for the warranty and wanted those replaced/fixed and were told that they no longer had anyone there to do the warranty on the seats. WTF. So in a months time after pressuring us to buy these warranties they cant honor them?

Here we are in March, at the end of March, the date tonight is 3/29/21. Still don't have our RV. The sales manager contacted my wife 3/26/21 by an energetic email stating the floors were completed to his pleasing and the coach would be ready for pick up 3/27/21 so we drive down there and as soon as I open the entry door I can see the floor still swollen by the wall of the fridge.

So, I slam the door and tell the sales manager and whatever worker was with him that I'm beyond pissed and have already contacted my business lawyer so we shall see what's to come cause I no longer want this nightmare coach back and want out of it and our down payment and warranty money returned so we can go to a reputable dealer...

Name: Peter Gropp

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