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I'm out $2475.00 and still have a leak

We own a 2014 class c Minnie Winnie that we purchased new from the Camping World dealer in Spartanburg, SC. After the warranty ended, we noticed a minor leak in the corner over the driver's seat. We contacted Winnebago, who were totally unsympathetic about this leak. Someone we met while camping suggested Camping World in Garner, NC. Big Mistake.

We live about 70 miles from this dealer, so we took it by for an inspection of the leak. A pressure test was completed and a small leak was verified at the corner. I authorized them to repair. About three weeks later I was contacted and told the unit's repairs were a cost of $2300.00. I paid my bill and went to drive my unit home. The unit was still leaking.

I left and drove home. A week I went back to pick it up. The leak was still there. Again, I went home. I came back two weeks later and picked up the coach and came home. A week later, after a rainy night, I went to check the unit, it had leaked again. Same corner was leaking.

I called and they asked me to return the unit. I did. Two weeks later they called and said the leak was from another area close to where they had repaired and owed them for the additional pressure test..$175.00. I picked up my unit after paying the $175.

So, I'm out $2475.00 and still have a leak. Needless to say I'll never use this dealer again. And I will not purchase another Winnebago product or buy from Camping World.


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