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I’m spreading the word everywhere I can

I bought a 2016 Rockwood Mini Lite at Camping World in Charleston a month ago. Paid cash. $15,000.

One, blind was not replaced as promised at pick up.

Two, when they delivered it they lost the outside stove vent cover and I can get no confirmation that they’ve ordered another one. Or my blinds, as promised.

Thirdly and most important, the water pump is defective. Water pours out on the ground. My first camping trip will be to service sadly BUT I’ve called Augusta, I’ve called Pooler multiple times and I can’t even get a call back for service.

Guess I’ll take it to a private local dealership and pay out of pocket ($500 plus) so that one year warranty they gave me doesn’t mean a damn thing. Don’t trust these people and for gods sake don’t buy anything from them!!!

I’m spreading the word everywhere I can. I wish I would have read the reviews before I went there.

Name: Donna

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