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In August of 2020 we purchased a Jayco with double slide outs. In Oct. 2020 we had a trip planned and was checking the camper to make sure everything was ready and working. Well the furnace would not come on. So we called the dealership where we purchased it and they told us to take it to the nearest Camping World/Gander Mtn and they would fix it. It sat there for 3 weeks only to get a call telling us we had to take to the dealership we bought it from. So we did that. We got our camper back after 6 months of waiting. Ues we called for updates but no one would ever call us back. The guy would email me short messages. So after the 6 months they said they fixed it along with the leak in bathroom.

We got it home started to pack it for our camping trip when it begins to rain. The rain was flooding in through the tops of the slides. It ruined our carpet on one slide and it has made the wood on the other side swell and is flaking off. We also have a leak in the cabinet beside the refrigerator soaks a regar towel every other day.

I am at my wit's in because no one at any businesses will call me back, no one from Jayco will call me back. And I am paying for a camper that is not gonna hold up if it continues to leak.

Someone PLEASE HELP and give me some type of direction to go in.

Name: Jada Pierce

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