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I went to the BBB and saw 1,160 cases of complaints this year, all very similar to mine!

Thank you Camping World Of Longmont Colorado for a very very terrible experience from beginning to end! From your rude and could care less attitudes to selling faulty cheap products that cost too much to repair and/or replace. We walked in ready to buy and were treated rudely by Art, telling us we were in pretty deep waters with the camper we had chosen- we actually showed up early to walk around and see other campers and to see how we would be treated. Well we found out!! When we mentioned we liked another more expensive trailer and he sprouted off with a look and the comment of we are already deep in the waters here. My initial response was to turn around and leave but I thought maybe it was just him having a bad day or whatever...

Then the confusion started full force! The original "salesman" Erik ghosted us, didn't call or even show up. Then he didn't communicate with anyone about anything and the camper was to be picked up after our trip to Las Vegas and he assured us that was fine, but....the camper was out on the "dance floor" which is where they show you everything and sign off. Another screw up! We expressed that we were not picking it up that day but in a couple of days. No one knew anything!

Dave was the ONLY person that was kind, patient, and knew what he was doing. He expressed that it's corporate for ya! No one on that lot communicates with each other, the staff is lazy- wanting to buy all the goodies for the new trailer- inside the store and no one wants to help! They tell you they don't know, but when you know come on back and we can hook you up!! Told to measure my tires to buy simple tire covers? They don't know anything about these products at all!!! They get you to sign on the dotted line and never talk to you again.

We set up our trailer and the hot water pressure release valve was broken and our toilet leaking water all over the floor, try getting anyone to call you back EVER!! If they do they route your call to another person where you of course have to leave a voice mail and start explaining all over for the 10th time only to get NOWHERE! After 5 days of no answers, had to buy another toilet, going to repair ourselves as they keep your unit for months on end and damage your unit more than it was before! We have zero trust in ANYTHING Camping World Longmont!!!

There is nowhere for customer complaints because they don't care once you drive off with that "fun" recreational vehicle with stars in your eyes and regret in your soul! There answer is consistently we don't make them we just sell them. You have to google everything!! We have learned a very valuable lesson on many fronts with this purchase.

As far as recommending them or any of their products here is my review: Product knowledge-0 Customer service- 0 Helpfulness- 0 Timely, effective return of phone calls- 0 Communication- 0! Recommend to steer clear of Camping World as a whole! When I saw this website my heart sank....knowing I am on my own with any repairs or anything really!! I then went to BBB and saw 1.160 cases of complaints this year, all very similar to mine! They get 1 star out of 5 which is 1 more than I would give them.

They average 40 complaints a month, you would think they could invest in maybe better training and how to talk to people? But after reading all I could stomach about "Mr. Marcus Lemonis" I see that it is a lost cause...........Also former employee reviews.... sexual harassment, low pay, bad working conditions, just all around a bad business and does NOT deserve our hard earned money!!!!

Hey Marcus Lemonis- your web page says you are "building business relationships that are positive, inspirational, compassionate and loving".....I didn't even get a hug with that screw!!! Buyers BEWARE!! Know what you are buying and don't shop at Camping World!!!!

Name: Craig Clerkin

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