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I’ve never experienced this kind of treatment in my life

I bought an used 2013 Thor Tuscany with only 27,000 miles and 1 owner last November. I made the purchase at the end of my cancer treatment and had a foggy mind at best. Of course Finance manager Mathew Frank picked up on that and rapped me on my trade. He also sold me the good Sam Extended Warranty at $14,500 for 3 years promising that all I would ever have to pay would be the $50 deductible if I took it to any camping world facility.

Well that is a joke as well as an all out LIE. I have over $2,600 in maintenance fees and I canceled the extended warranty in June and getting $8,999 back from the extended warranty. Do the math, that’s $5,550 lost for 7 months coverage and a $2,600 service bill, for a total of $8,100 in 7 months, or $1,058 per month.

These people laugh when I call and they treat my well being as a joke. I’ve never experienced this kind of treatment in my life and it has instilled a tremendous amount of anger in me. I believe in Karma and I hope they get to experience the same kind of treatment in the NEAR FUTURE

Name: Jeff Pauley

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