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I want to get an attorney for deceptive and unethical practice

In April of 2022 I purchased a Keystone Premier 38 foot travel trailer after living in it aprox 3 months it needed a full roof replacment, I was told this would take 3 to 4 months to complete. I could not live in a hotel so I decided to trade it in 《24.000》 upside down .I live in my new 2022 Keystone montana 1 yr after multiple issues I was told agian I needed a full roof replacment:(for 2 months of communicating with Keystone they would not back up their product under warranty. I had a estimate with RV Armor to fix my roof on location and Keystone denied it.. my personal insurance came out aswell but would do nothing due to a Structural issue...So call me dumb I wanted out of the Keystone product another <48,000> well any ways camping world was trying to sell me a used 2023 forest river 42 view as a 2024 42 view after looking at the Specs I realized it was in fact a 2023..and brought that to their attention and they ended up getting a 2024 which I agreed to purchase they told me they would change my lock out, level and set my PVC plumbing back up and fix the gfi outlets that keep tripping ..that was over a week ago .My trailer is tilted its just me and my daughter I have no idea how these Jack's on this unit work..I want to get an attorney for Deseptive and unethical practice with this company can anyone help or suggestion s???

Name: Stacey Deck

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Dec 10, 2023

YouTube is your best friend for the things you don’t know about. Just start watching and you will learn About many things.

hope that helps some?

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