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I was absolutely shocked, and still am, at my experience in working at Camping World.

I was absolutely shocked, and still am, at my experience in working at Camping World. The Management, obviously influenced by Marcus Lemonis, acted in ways I have never seen in the business world. Improper Business Ethics is putting it lightly. It was obvious from day 1 something wasn’t right there.

I never received ANY training from my manager, but about a month into my employment, I saw 2 girls getting 2 full days of training from my manager (making calls to “leads”, learning the new system they started when I was hired, which I was still teaching myself). I feel I have been quiet for too long, and want to tell my 100% truthful story, about being victimized by Camping World.

I have video proof of unworkable conditions, due to management blasting inappropriate music, while I was in the same office, about 20 feet behind the GM, and “Sales Managers” while I was supposed to be doing my job, which was to call leads, and book appointments.

My title was BDC Representative & lead generator. I was never trained, was denied a 1 on 1 meeting with my manager to discuss my concerns, have proof of that too. I was unfairly terminated just a few days after my 30 day evaluation(where I addressed my lack of training, and just like my manager claimed, the GM also told me I was trained, and I absolutely was not, it’s almost comical how stupid they thought I was).

During my time there I witnessed management mistreat other employees, especially one woman who was actually terminated the same day as me. They told me at the beginning that if I had any questions or concerns to ask any of the managers, and they would be glad to answer, and that was NOT the case. Every time I asked a question I was treated like a troglodyte, and they acted like I was inconveniencing them, and never helped me. It’s funny they acted in that manner when all they do is goof off, listen to music, constantly talk trash about, and belittle their salespeople after they come in to ask a question while they are in the process of making a sale.

The only time they acted in a professional manner was when they were on a video conference call with their superiors and other stores management teams. I was told I was to be a full time employee (which I was) and that there was potential for growth there. That was complete bologna. The fact is, they hired me with the intent of replacing me with a duo of properly trained reps ASAP, and they did.

It’s by far the most deceiving, corrupt, unprofessional, and unethical company I have ever worked for, and was absolutely singled out and used as a temporary solution to their BDC department problem(which before I was hired, only consisted of the BDC manger who had just been unrightfully given that promotion (they obviously had no management experience).

I was the only one making the calls, emails, and texts to their internet generated “leads”. I could go on and on about how unfairly I was treated, how they treated their employees both in person, and behind their backs, and how negatively my life was effected by these crooks, but I think I’ve said enough FOR NOW.

I would not recommend ANYONE to work for this Company, and hope I can prevent at least one person from going through what I went through, and am still being effected by.


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